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Welcome to Whitemarsh Day School

At Whitemarsh Day School we believe strongly that hands on materials make learning desirable, fun and engaging. Priority is given to materials that are real-life, concrete and hands on. Children in these instances are able to see, feel, manipulate and in turn, make use of all information processed and are better able to retain and gain a lifelong love of learning.  We encourage you to check out our school by scheduling a tour.  We would love to welcome you as a new school family member!


Miranda Maher
​Owner and Teacher

Our Philosophy

At WDS, we work to understand every child's personal learning style so that we can craft an educational experience that is tailored, engaging and joyful. Our teachers work to foster curiosity, experiment to solve problems, ask questions and create experiences, wonder and spontaneous moments that are relevant to each student.  We believe that learning should be fun and through lots of play!


Our History

WDS was started in 2013.   The goal was to provide a playful, learning environment in a small atmosphere that felt more like a family rather than a traditional preschool.  Over the past few years, it has become just that.  You get a sense of family when you walk through the door. 

WDS Teachers and Staff

Head of School/Owner


PreK Teachers

Mrs. Miranda
Mrs. Amy
Mrs. Chelsea

3's Teachers

2's Teachers

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Miss Melissa
Mrs. Jana
Mrs. Allison
Mrs. Heather
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