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Our Daily Schedule

9-9:15                Drop off

9:15-9:45            Outdoor Free Play
9:45-10:30         Morning Meeting

                          Little Learners Small Group

10:30-11:15        Outdoor Free Play       
11:15 -11:45        Cleanup/wash hands/Lunch

11:45-12:00       Story Time/Music and Movement 
12:00-12:40        Little Learners Small Group

 12:45-1:00         Dismissal

Art Class

Sample Daily Lesson Plan
  Each day when your child arrives at school, he or she will have a chance to explore our outdoor classroom areas.  Our playground is set up to offer many different activities that help our children explore the theme for the week.   

    When we meet for Morning Meeting each class foes into their own outdoor classroom. At this time, we introduce the theme for the week.  Each theme last between one and two weeks. The theme is thoroughly discussed, and every child is given ample opportunity to manipulate, explore and create with materials within the planned environment. Teachers will guide and assist in the play and let your child learn at her own pace. During this time, your child's teacher will practice with letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. All lessons and activities are designed to meet the child at their specific level and areas of interest. 


Sample Activities

Theme: In Our Garden

Math Exploration
matching flowers with correct colors
Counting flowers
sorting seeds
Reading/Listening Exploration
The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
A Garden of Opposites by Nancy Davis
Writing Exploration
Creating a Flip book about growing a flower

Journal entry for our PreK students
Science Exploration
Planting Seeds in our greenhouse

Classifying Seeds

Transplanting seeds to our garden
Art Exploration
Vegetable prints
Dramatic Play
Garden/Flower Shop

We also focus on our theme, in this case, planting in the garden, in our children's garden.  Our students will have a chance to grow seeds, monitor each plant's progress.  We love to use our veggies for snack time and the children enjoy eating what they have grown.  


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