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Whitemarsh Day School Programs

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What makes WDS an outstanding preschool program

Choosing a preschool or pre-k can be a difficult decision when there are so many great options.  Here are our top 7 reasons that we think make us the right preschool for any family!

1. We are a very small, family-owned school.  We keep our numbers low because we feel it helps us create a better teaching environment for all of our students.  

2. Our teachers work with individual children, small groups, and whole groups throughout the day.  Our class consists of mixed ages ranging from 2.5-5.  It is amazing to see how our younger ones learn so much from our older students and how our older one's help take care of our little ones.  We do break into small groups according to age throughout the day to work on skills at each child's level.

3. Our students learn through play.  The kids spend most of the day playing and working with hands on learning material with their peers.  We do not expect them to sit for a long period of time so there is always some type of movement activity going on.   Our school is engaging and feels more like a children's museum than a standard classroom.  You will always find something creative going on at WDS.

4. We do not like a lot of worksheets!  Our students learn through being actively engaged with the materials in our class.  Our kids have time every day to create, explore, ask questions, solve problems, and just be kids.  We focus on a theme a week.  The teachers create lessons that help children learn letters, numbers, science and about the world around them through play.

5. We use centers in our classroom.  Our Active Exploration time at the beginning of the school day is for children to explore each center in our classroom. For our centers we have Math, Science, Building Blocks, Writing, Art, Play doh, Dramatic play, Puppet Theater, and Class Library Reading Center.  We have also added a Tinker Lab on our screened in back porch.  The children always have an opportunity to learn through play. 

6.  Our students and parents look forward to coming to school.  Mondays are always the loudest day of the week because the kids have to come in telling us and their peers all about their weekend.  We also love to get our preschool parents involved in as many activities as possible throughout the year.  Our Annual Art Show is a great way to get involved!

7.  We get outside every day!  Our preschool is completely outdoors.  We have a brand-new open-air building that was constructed in December of 2021.  Even on days that the rain rolls in, we put on our rain boots and jump in the puddles.  In the winter when it gets cold outside, we have heaters in our open-air rooms that allow us to stay warm and cozy. 

Our Preschool Program is designed for ages 2 1/2 to 4. 

Preschool students at Whitemarsh Day School are inventors, problem solvers, discoverers, and dreamers. Our educational program will have a positive effect on your child’s academic performance. Because preschoolers like to learn new information and have a desire to master new tasks, much of what your child will learn will be through self direct experience and play.

At WDS, we create an environment that allows for functional play experiences by including new materials in each of the classroom’s learning centers. Through the day your child will explore, learn, and play at: Art and writing Exploration, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Library, Music, Sand & Water, Science & Discovery, and Math Table Activities.

Our various play and learning materials are arranged into clear and distinct centers. Below are a few examples of what each of these important centers offers developmentally for your preschooler:

• Block & Building Design – Architecture, self-direction, vocabulary, independence, and cooperation.

• Dramatic Play – Social skills, using thinking skills to resolve conflicts self-confidence, and respect.

• Art and Writing Exploration – Hand eye coordination, name recognition, and self-expression.

• Library & Literature – Listening skills, word recognition, and oral language skills.

• Math Table Activities – Classification, problem solving, and sequencing.

• Science & Discovery – Experimentation, exploration, and prediction.

• Sensory – fine motor skills, measuring, small and large muscle activity, and creativity.

• Music & Movement – Listening, teamwork, and patterning.

Pre K

Whitemarsh Day School also has an incredible Pre K program. Pre K at WDS is designed for children that are 4 -5 years old going into kindergarten next school year. This program includes, small group, structured, theme based, instructional approach for Kindergarten readiness. The  Pre K curriculum is designed to teach all the basics– reading, math and science. Lesson plans include phonics awareness, sight words, number concepts, cause and effect, and more using hands on, age-appropriate materials.  We do a lot of our learning through play and cooperative activities. 


A Look at our Preschool Program

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