Registration for CREATION Lab Classes

To register for our Creation LAB classes, check the schedule below.

1. Decide on the classes you want to enroll in

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4. Pay your registration fee

After your registration is complete, you will get a confirmation email and your class assignment.  You will receive an invoice for your class fees via email.  


If you do not see a class time that works for you, please send an email to  We will continue to add more classes to our schedule and your input will be taken into consideration.  

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In our STEM Challenges Class, the students at Whitemarsh Day School’s CREATION LAB will work together to create, design, and build projects throughout the school year.   The students will also have a chance to be involved in our family STEM projects and competitions within our community.

Robotics and Coding

the word coding wit wooden letters on a

In our Robotics Class, the students at Whitemarsh Day School’s CREATION LAB will work together on a new challenge each week learning to do simple code and graduating to coding robots to do simple tasks and eventually building robots.  Some of the robots we will be coding include, Dash, Dot, Coding Mouse and Bee Bot.  

Robotics and Coding

Sewing Machine

 During our SEW STEAM class, students will create items to use and wear while they practice their beginning sewing skills. Our year will end with an incredible fashion show showcasing creations designed  and made in class! 

Robotics and Coding

During our LEGO Club, the students will complete challenges using LEGOs.  They will explore design techniques, engineering principles and physics.  The students will have an opportunity to compete in challenges with children from all over the world.  

Robotics and Coding


During MAKERSPACE days at WDS, the students will be given a table of supplies to create something new.  The instructors will guide students in the design process but this class is truly for students to have a chance to think outside the box and be creative on their own.  

Robotics and Coding

Students learn about works of art from cultures around the world, how to look at art using art vocabulary and concepts, and how to express themselves by creating their own unique masterpieces.  Our students will have an pportunity to submit art work for our Annual Art Show in April of 2021. 

Robotics and Coding


Preparing food is a daily part of life, which means that the learning occurs in a natural, meaningful context.  During our Cooking with STEM class, our students will use many skills that are used in every day life. Measurement, patterns, chemistry, properties of matter and cause and effect, to name a few. If your child loves to create things in the kitchen, this is the class to join!

Robotics and Coding

Kids Playing Tug of War

During our TEAM Building Class, the students are encouraged to find ways to work with each other to achieve a common goal.  Most of these activities take place in our outdoor space. 

Robotics and Coding